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March 14, 2006 - April 7, 2016

Chloe Greatdane

Chloe would prove in her first year what a strong willed girl she is. Literally the black sheep of the litter she sat amongst her fawn colored siblings in her black with brindle markings an immediate connection was made. Her first few weeks of life with me were filled with play and lots of love until she reached about 2 months of age . Chloe would one night wimper for her daddy to come check on her and was found to have a 102* fever , emergency visit at early morning hours would later be diagnosed as having Hypertrophic Osteo Dystrophy (HOD) . Almost like clock work it seemed she would get the fever and a check up once or twice a week. Her long bones and joints were growing at different rates I was told. Chloe would walk when she needed to go outside but for the most part she would enjoy the comforting of her daddy. After about two months of basically being "bedridden " Chloe would start to act more and more like a puppy every day , the wonderful staff at Orchard Park Vet were also amazed at her recovery . Her story "was one of the worst cases" I was told they had ever seen at that time. She love sunbathing on the deck or laying on the carpet at grandmas where the sun would shine in the front door. Her love for playing with her tug ropes and attention is noticed daily. In January of 16' Chloe began limping on he back leg and it was thought she was having bad arthritis since the colder weather had set in , xrays were taken and nothing but arthritic signs would be seen. After about a week her favoritism grew more noticible even after being on pain medication , appetite changes and such . Her daddy would do his homework on her symptoms and everything he found came back as Osteosarcoma . The vet confirmed my suspicions and Chloe was allowed to peacefully be reunited with lost family and friends . Chloe helped her daddy through many difficulties in life and was able to be a big sister to his human brother Gabe for the last two years of life.

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  • A candle was lit in memory of Chloe.

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